Mamatoto: Swahili for "motherbaby"

My name is Amy Kelly. After working with families as a midwife for over a decade and,completing my Master's in counselling psychology, I am pleased to offer counselling services in the Comox Valley.

​My focus includes reproductive mental health, early attachment, infant mental health and childhood mental health. I offer services to individuals, couples and families.

Client Feedback

I have experienced what I can only describe as overwhelming success in my marriage, parenting, personal and professional life since working alongside Amy. She has given me not only a warm and understanding ear, but many tools for managing my mental health and wellness. I have not felt this free of anxiety or this genuinely contented and happy in my life ever. I feel like a new person and I am so joyful to finally experience my life in the moment"." Anonymous Mama

" I highly recommend the Mamacare support any moms out there seeking a safe place to express all of the overwhelming joys and pains of day to day mothering. I have attended both the regular Mamacare and a Step-mamacare and both are amazing. The small groups are held in an inviting, comfortable and calm setting. Group sessions are gently guided by Amy's compassionate style of counselling, creating an environment of trust and non-judgement, allowing for vulnerability and growth. And, to top it all off the group sessions wrap up with the most blissful combination yoga/thai massge facilitated by In-yoga. The combination of group therapy, relaxing yoga and gentle thai massage is the utmost perfect combination for healing, relaxation,and rejuvination. Mama, you deserve this. " mama

"Mamacare group is great for sharing experiences with other moms and Amy is full of resources." mama


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Please contact me with questions.

Mamatoto Counselling

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