New Beginnings.

If you are clicking around my website you may notice a couple of new additions. During the pandemic it seems that a lot of people tried a lot of new things. The vacuum left by not socializing nor doing regular activities created space for new discoveries. So I have some self led options in my MamaSHop which are something of a new discovery for me. I made these video sessions to for anyone to access that might not be able to see their counsellor right away or may just want some helpful tips to help them along their way. Video and self promotion are not my wheel house, but I felt like if these videos helped anyone feel a little less scared, alone or overwhelmed, maybe the discomforts of pushing the edges of my web knowledge and comfort with seeing myself on video, would feel worth it.

This blog is a place to acknowledge my two passions of helping and writing. Here I would love to answer client questions and offer another form of online support.

Finally, I will be adding a recommendations page. You will be able to click on and purchase items that I have found helpful in this clinical and parenting journey. I like to be totally transparent it will likely be set up through a third party who will pay me a small fee for recommending them, but you can always take the information I offer and purchase it through another site.

I look forward to working with you online and in clinic.

Please remember these are support tools and insights, but nothing replaces seeing your mental health care providers and clinicians.

Sincerely yours, Amy.

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