A Holistic Approach

Nurturing Parents AND More

The capacity to facilitate meaningful connections for women and their children was pivotal to my work as a midwife and studying psychology. The long-term effects of healthy attachment for children to a parent who is also well nurtured and supported are paramount to long-term health for both. The implications of supporting this connection can be seen in the capacity for these children to form meaningful relationships later in life for their mental health. Essentially, our families’ help and support become the mental health and parenting legacy we leave those children with. ​​My goal is to ensure parents get the support they need from the beginning. Processing our trauma, mental health issues, birth trauma, and helping ourselves enables us to be better parents. However, challenging times occur throughout the life of a family, not just at the threshold of parenthood.My counseling services will also be tailored to help parents and children cope with other life challenges, including coping with challenging behavior, recent or suspected diagnosis of special needs, loss, childhood trauma, divorce, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

A Biopsychosocial Approach

Clinic sessions are tailored to the individual need of the clients. Biopsychosocial, somatic-attachment approaches acknowledges the unique biological, relational, and mental health histories, epigenetics, and current life circumstances that culminate in our present sense of well-being. FIND OUT MORE